I grew up on Long Island, and it’s been gratifying to cover its ever-growing oyster industry.

Riding the Tide: How three oysters farmers on Moriches Bay weathered the pandemic Newsday’s FeedMe magazine

When restaurants faltered last year, Long Island’s oyster farmers had to pivot, and fast. Here’s how three side-by-side growers in Moriches Bay helped preserve one of our most iconic local foods.

Blue Oyster Cult: The past, present, and future of oystering on the Great South Bay Newsday’s FeedMe magazine

Long Island has been home to legendary oysters — and oystermen — for centuries. And now a new generation of growers is again transforming its waters into a bivalve lover’s dream.

Tasting the sea: Long Island’s treasure of raw bars Newsday’s FeedMe magazine

If you’re not practiced in the art of eating crawfish, the struggle can be real, even embarrassing. In seconds, that orange body can break apart in your hands as you try to twist the tail away from the body—or, even worse, flesh might fly through the air, splattering onto the floor.

Manna replaces Lobster Inn in Southampton in early step toward offshore fish farm Newsday

In a tale with all of the twists of a great drama, longtime landmark The Lobster Grille Inn in Southampton has been reborn as Manna at Lobster Inn — and while lobster rolls still abound, the kingly orange crustacean is gradually yielding the floor to lesser-known fish whose stars are on the rise.

How Long Island restaurants are making porgy, sea robin and skate sexy again Newsday

Tucked behind the Long Beach dunes on an August evening, Five Ocean fills with a sun-kissed crowd who secure rosé and margaritas upon arrival. A few glance into the kitchen, where chefs bend their heads over the task at hand, while others surround a lone oyster shucker who pops open Peconic Gold oysters at one end of the bar.

Peconic Bay scallops season opens with a flourish Newsday




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