Data & Design

I’ve designed and art directed scores of publications, infographics, packaging, books, and websites, and I love helping creators, founders, and small business owners realize their visions. I see UX design as simply another form of visual storytelling — a very powerful one.

I fell into design accidentally while doing paste-up in journalism school. As I pursued my early writing career, I somehow always ended up with on-the-job design tasks, and I learned the early Adobe Suite very early. I studied color, typography, illustration, and mixed media at the School for Visual Arts, Cooper Union, and Parsons School of Design. I’ve worked as a creative at Ziff Davis, Nomad Communications, the late, great Shostak Studios, and in my own freelance practice. Some past projects include a collaborative redesign of Self magazine; a complex football stats visualization for a Sports Illustrated book; magazines for the Department of Labor; packaging for Vermont food products; scores of ads, marketing collateral, and publication layouts; and dozens of books and websites. Infographics are a particular love language.

Here are a few thumbnails of my design work, which skews toward vivid colors and dynamic rhythm. You can click on each to enlarge. To find out more, please get in touch. I’d love to hear about your project.


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