A few years back, I spun some of my knowledge about the history of drinking into a book, Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England, published by The History Press (now Acadia Publishing). Few Americans know how integral alcohol was to the birth of the United States, and I’ve since shared that backstory with hundreds (possibly thousands) via ongoing lectures and tasting events. I was gobsmacked, in fact, at how many organizations have reached out for speaking engagements around this book — I’ve appeared in or on NPR. PRI, Serious Eats, Atlas Obscura, Hot Rum Cow, and dozens of newspapers, blogs, and podcasts talking about colonial-era drinking, distilling, brewing, and wine and cider making. I’ve also been hired for private tastings and events in settings as diverse as the Mensa International Conference, a private Centerplate event, and people’s homes. For more information about an event, shoot me a note.

A sampling of the publications, places, or organizations where I’ve appeared, spoken, or been quoted:

A Taste of the Past podcast

Adirondack Almanack

Atlas Obscura

The Beverage Journal


Concord Monitor

Culinary Historians of New York

Fairfield Museum 

Fieldstone Common

G.A.R. Memorial Library

GOLocal Live in Providence

Good Food Stories

Grape Collective

Heritage Radio Network

Historic Deerfield, Mass.

Hot Rum Cow

Linden Place

Massachusetts Historical Society


Mensa International

Newport Daily News

North Shore magazine

Old North Church, Boston

Preservation Burlington

Poughkeepsie Journal

Sacramento Bee

Windsor Historical Society

Valley News

Vermont Public Radio





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